Geometric Mouse, Scale X


Claes Oldenburg

Sweden 1929


Painted Steel


240 x 180 x 144 inches
(609.6 x 457.2 365.76 cm)




Central Library
Julia Ideson Library Exterior
500 McKinney
Houston, Texas 77002

Modern artist Claes Oldenburg draws inspiration for his Geometric Mouse from the ubiquity of Mickey Mouse in popular culture. In the 1960s and 1970s, he created versions of the Geometric Mouse for numerous applications in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. The design is made of four basic shapes – a square with two rectangular windows for eyes, and two circles which form the ears. An organic appendage forms a nose. Two small tear drops are attached to the end of chains and trail out of the eyes. Oldenberg is a Swedish-born American sculptor best known for his public art installations featuring replicas of everyday objects presented at a very large scale. He also is an innovator with his soft sculptures, which challenged the notion that sculptures must be constructed of hard materials.