“When we dream, anything is possible.”   Jaume Plensa
“Sculpture has served for centuries as a way of humanizing urban spaces.”   Luis Jimenez
“Just by being in the space I create, people become a part of it.”   Jesus Moroles
“The soul cannot thrive in the absence of art.”   Henry Moore
“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”   Albert Einstein

Since 1965, the Houston Arts Foundation has provided for the care and maintenance of dozens of Houston’s most iconic public works of art. We raise funds and initiate programs to preserve and protect Houston’s public art, and promote cultural awareness through collaborations with individuals, organizations, corporations, foundations, and with our Adopt A Monument Program.

Our Mission

The Houston Arts Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of public art in Houston.

Our History

The Houston Arts Foundation (HAF) has been part of the community since 1965. Established originally as the Houston Municipal Art Foundation, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization has always had as its purpose the preservation and conservation of public works of art in the City’s collection. Since its inception, it was closely aligned with the Houston Municipal Art Commission (MAC), which was established in 1965 by Houston Mayor Louie Welch.

In 1993, the City and the MAC proposed that new works of art would require a donation of 10 percent of their appraised value to be considered for selection in the City’s collection. Then as now, the funds are received from private-sector donations, City grants, and the Adopt A Monument Program. These funds  are managed by HAF and used to maintain and conserve works of art in the City’s collection.

In 2006, under Mayor Bill White, a City ordinance disbanded the MAC. It was recreated as the Houston Arts Alliance (HAA), and the Houston Municipal Art Foundation was reorganized at that time as the HAF, with the continuing goal of preserving Houston’s public works of art. HAA and HAF continue to work in tandem. HAA recommends which works of art need preventative care, conservation, or restoration. HAF reviews their recommendations regarding the work required, the professional conservators they recommend for the job, and the budget for each project. As a Board, HAF either approves the proposal, or requests further information, documentation, or other support. When the HAF Board of Directors approves the final proposal, a check is written to HAA from HAF funds, and the work takes place.

Art objects under HAF care require a minimum donation of 10 percent of their value to enter the collection. These initial funds are restricted and used specifically for the particular work of art. HAF also receives unrestricted funds. Unrestricted funds can be spent as deemed appropriate by HAF. Both restricted funds and unrestricted funds are used as needed to maintain the condition of the objects in the collection.


The Adopt A Monument Program (AAM) was created to provide funds for the care and maintenance of specific individual works of art in the HAF collection. As funds are expended, they need to be replenished. With AAM, individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations can choose a specific work of art from the HAF collection and make it their own. Donors can provide funds for a work of art that speaks to them, and their HAF contribution will go towards that work of art exclusively.

AAM donations as a Conservator can be made in any amount. Monumental donors to the AAM give in a more significant amount and have exclusive privileges with regards to their chosen work of art. More information on becoming a Conservator and Monumental donor and their benefits can be found under the Ways to Give/Adopt A Monument section.



Heidi Vaughan, Heidi Vaughan Fine Art

Vice Chairman

Gus Kopriva, Redbud Gallery


Tabitha Doby, MKG Art Management


Caroline Fant

AAM Chair

Avisheh Mohsenin, Compass Lexecon, Artist

Sheldon Weisfeld, Attorney

Chris Hill, Hill Branding

Brad Cowan, Stantec Design

Shunney Nair

Chris Silkwood

Maggie Edwards


Theresa Escobedo, City of Houston

Alton DuLaney, City of Houston

Grace Zúñiga, Houston Arts Alliance